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GameFi is the first-ever app turns your savings account into a mobile strategy game.

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Make your savings account playable

Save money

When you save, you get coins and hammers to build your city.

Grow your base

See the progress of your savings habits week after week.

Unlock rewards

As your city grows, you unlock financial rewards like a higher interest rate.
Smart Savings (BETA)

Boost your savings with easy-to-use tools.

Access proven methods like round-up and scheduled save guaranteed to help you reach your goal faster with zero hassle.

Play with Friends (BETA)

Challenge friends and make savings social.

Put your friends to the test and see who can grow their city the fastest. Each week means new challenges to beat.

Money Management (beta)

Level up with insights at your fingertips

Review transactions, track your spending pattern, budget by categories, and more. All at your fingertips.

Secruity & Privacy

Security & support your can trust

Your savings are FDIC-insured up to $250,000 through our partner banks.
We use 256-bit encryption and TLS to protect your data.
We never store or see your login credentials throughout the process.
What Users Say

GameFi is changing the savings game

“It's been 4 months since I found GameFi, and it's such a relief as a recent college grad struggling to save. I consistently find myself coming back for more and more, almost like I'm addicted to saving money!"
Christine Shaw
Biz Strat @ Apple
Customer Story

It’s a magical app for my money

“I’m the kind of person who feels money burning through my pocket. GameFi gave me that extra boost of motivation to save consistently using the Round-Up feature. I wouldn’t have made much progress with my savings otherwise."
Melanie Zhu
Analyst @ Goldman Sachs
Customer Story

It makes me feel certain about my financial future.

“ As a college student trying to be more responsible with my money, I use GameFi to help me form a habit of saving. I was skeptical about how a game can help me financially, but seeing my buildings and savings account grow in GameFi makes me feel certain about my financial future."
John Perkins
Student @ Harvard

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